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Manual Testing

User Experience Testing

Manual Testing is a key tool in the quality testing and control process for testing the application for seamless and efficient operations. The best part of this testing methodology is a great deal of involvement of the ‘’human brain’’ at every step of the testing process, for detecting and eliminating errors for the defect-free, user-friendly application. Creativity, analytical troubleshooting approach, deductive and inductive reasoning makes this technique, the best methodology in this world of automation.

We, at OutworX, offer you a variety of wide-ranging manual testing options which helps in testing the application’s usability under the guidance of competent test engineers, test analysts and test managers.

Our spectrum of manual testing services gives you the opportunity to increase the quality of your applications while reducing cost, saving development time, maximizing your ROI from QA and Testing.

Main services we offer are:

Automation Testing

In today’s era of Agile development, the code change cycle has increased and thus the testing cycles. Whenever code is modified, it has to be tested manually to ensure quality. With increasing code base, manual testing turns to be time taking and costly and sometimes it becomes inefficient as well. Here comes the automation testing which helps testers to make their job more efficient by automating highly repetitive test cases and thus becomes time-saving and cost effective.

Our top-notch automation engineers help you in defining your automated test environment by developing automated test scripts, regression testing which are repetitive actions and creating effective reports by thorough assessment of each test cycle.

automation testing

Main services we offer are:

OutworX performance testing services

Performance Testing

Performance testing offers to measure the quality attributes of the system such as scalability, reliability and resource usage. In the absence of such attributes, the application repudiates to run in a normal fashion and thus the performance of the application becomes bottle-neck in the success story of your business.

We, at OutworX, help you to measure the performance attributes of your application and to help it to stand stable in the high traffic scenario as well.

Main services we offer are:

Mobile Testing

In this era of mobile technology, the maximum population has access to mobile devices. Everyone wants to integrate their business with the mobile to keep it within the reach of prospects. With the rapid speed of this transformation, there is a need for thorough testing of these applications on multiple operating system versions, device models within each OS, and varying Internet speeds.

We, at OutworX, understand the need of mobile application testing and offer you a comprehensive testing model for testing your applications to ensure seamless integration of mobile into your traditional business model and for desired user experience.

software mobile testing

We test on real devices to ensure your application works everywhere for everyone as intended.

Main services we offer are:

software security testing

Security Testing

Security is a vital part of any application and the absence of it can bring even the best applications to its knees.

Our dedicated team of test engineers and security experts are equipped enough to determine the real-world attacks to your application using various techniques. The goal of our team is to find system vulnerabilities that could appear as a result of a faulty configuration, technical and programming errors, and operational faults in the processes and technical control tools.

Our security testing model verifies 6 basic principles like Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication, Authorization, Availability and Non-repudiation.


Main services we offer are:

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