Storage Policies Coming to OpenStack Swift

The good folks at OpenStack recently announced two big new features in Swift for the Juno time frame: Storage Policies and Erase Codes. These new features are going to improve the accessibility that functionability of Swift. Here is all you … Read More

Addressing the Bandwidth Problem with Hybrid Clouds

One of the problems with hybrid clouds is the bandwidth limitation between your private cloud in the enterprise and a public cloud provider.  The communications link can quickly become a bottleneck when one cloud tries to access data in the … Read More

OutworX readiness for Agile : Part III

As more and more software developers and managers are struggling to improve their delivery capabilities, OutworX has steadily but surely started moving towards Agile Development as a means to deliver high quality solutions in shorter time span and with ever-shrinking … Read More

4 Cardinal Values of Agile Methodology: Part II

In our previous post, we have discussed about Agile Development Methodology and its increasing adoption by the software firms, which promotes high levels visibility, predictability, and quality by adapting and iterative development approach.

Continuing our discussion further, we would now … Read More

OutworX focuses towards Agile Development Methodology: Part I

In today’s software product market, development firms are increasingly focused towards optimizing the development process of their products with unequivocal attention on innovation, quality, and cost. Firms that have the capability to speedily and economically develop products will gain unmatched … Read More