Introduction to OpenStack Swift Object Storage

This article is a general introduction to Swift, OpenStack’s Object Storage.  We will cover the following topics: what Swift is, what kind of data you can store in Swift, how Swift controls access to your data, how Swift protects that … Read More

Storage Policies Coming to OpenStack Swift

The good folks at OpenStack recently announced two big new features in Swift for the Juno time frame: Storage Policies and Erase Codes. These new features are going to improve the accessibility that functionability of Swift. Here is all you … Read More

PaaS: Future with OpenStack

PaaS (Platform as a Service) is becoming hot trend in IT sector. Research by IDC claims that by 2017 public PaaS market will be $14 billion. They estimated compound growth of PaaS will be around 30%.

“By 2017, public PaaS … Read More

Setting Up a Private Cloud in 5 Minutes

We all know the power and flexibility that public clouds like AWS bring to IT.  But many businesses have security concerns about public clouds.  And if you have an application that needs data that resides inside your enterprise, network bandwidth … Read More