cloud solutions for manufacturing, benefits of cloud services in manufacturing industry, implement cloud in manufacturing, cloud for msme and small industry

Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing MSMEs & Small Businesses

What made MSMEs and small businesses think about upgrading their IT infrastructure? With operations being run remotely, companies must think about cloud solutions for manufacturing. All manufacturing companies aim to speed up their production time, active inventory, and optimized distribution ...
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Hr outsourcing

How to choose the right HR Outsourcing Partner

It’s always good to focus on doing what you do the best and decide what part of your business you need to outsource. Most of the technology companies or the companies which work on niche targeting prefer to outsource processes ...
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how to start online business

Online Business – how to start when you are not ready to

Starting an online business can sometime be intimidating. No matter how easy sometimes you read online or hear people talking it is to start an online business, building it takes a lot of time, efforts, money and sometimes mental stability ...
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software testing must for software product

This is why testing is must for your software product

Software Testing can be defined as a process that is used to identify the level of correctness, security, quality and completeness of the software. The goal of a testing professional is to make sure that the product is stable and ...
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best practices of mobile app development

11 Best Practices of Mobile App Development

While developing a mobile app for an individual or an enterprise we make sure to adopt the best practices in order to come up with a product which we can feel proud of. The best practices of mobile app development ...
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manual testing by outworx

What Makes Manual Testing A Quality Assurance Methodology?

Manual Testing is a key tool in quality testing and control process for testing the application for seamless and efficient operations. The best part of this testing methodology is a great deal of involvement of ‘’human brain’’ at every step ...
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mobile secure architacture

A More Secure Architecture for Mobile

What do the latest Apple iPhone and many Samsung Galaxy Android phones have in common?  Each runs two separate operating systems on a single phone.  The application OS is the familiar iOS or Android OS.  Users download their apps and ...
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qualys aproach

Qualys’ Approach to Disclosing Vulnerabilities

In November of 2014, Qualys found a severe bug in Linux's libc.  The gethostbyname routines were subject to buffer overflow.  Qualys developed a proof of concept exploit that showed how a specially crafted email could let an attacker gain remote ...
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The Challenge of Mobile App Security

For years, OWASP has published a Top Ten 10 list of web application vulnerabilities.  The list is a good place to start for organizations looking to improve the security of their applications. With the rise of mobile, OWASP now publishes a Mobile Top ...
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Chill Out, Google Project Zero!

On October 13, 2014, Google notified Microsoft that they had found a security bug in their software. Google's Project Zero gives vendors 90 days before publicly disclosing the bug.  Microsoft fixed the bug, and asked Google for a bit more ...
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