Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing MSMEs & Small Businesses

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What made MSMEs and small businesses think about upgrading their IT infrastructure? With operations being run remotely, companies must think about cloud solutions for manufacturing.

All manufacturing companies aim to speed up their production time, active inventory, and optimized distribution & delivery. Cloud-based infrastructure checks all the boxes that a manufacturer needs. Moreover, companies can use the data generated from their operations for further optimization.


A COVID-proof solution for the Manufacturing industry


Two years ago, when the COVID pandemic hit the world. Nearly all industries had a setback & experienced sudden losses. Many businesses could have bypassed this by the timely adoption of technologies.

Many technologies have proven beneficial in running the business during this period. From implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to integrating the Internet of Things (IoT). In this article, we will simply talk about the importance of Cloud Technology in the manufacturing industry.

Cloud Computing is a simple solution yet one of the most complex technology to execute. Cloud solutions for manufacturing will empower you to control maximum operations remotely. This will assure safety and a healthy workspace for your employees and workers.

Implementing cloud solutions for manufacturing operations will make operations more transparent. Managers can ensure their work status, inventory control, purchase management, sales & distribution. To help your business flourish smoothly, we provide Managed Services for various industry segments.


How do clouds help in Manufacturing?


The data acquired from cloud computing will help in creating accurate forecasts and a comprehensive analytical report. This will further help companies to lower their expenses and manage their consumption. Moreover, strategists can analyze the availability of sustainability practices.

Cloud Computing has become one of the widely adopted technology across the globe. And it has proven to result in management being more agile. Manufacturing management is becoming more intelligent. Resulting to skyrocket operation management and quality assurance of production considerably.

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Scarcity of skilled IT professionals


Nearly 40% of the manufacturers across the globe have poor IT foundation & management. And this directly affects the operations and the performance of the employees.

A manufacturing company may take a lot of time and effort to hire a proficient IT team. Augmenting resources from well-established IT talent providers will not only be cost-effective but will assure the best team is at your service.


Fortification of cloud data


Cloud technology will easily integrate along with your operations while keeping your data confidential. The use of obsolete technology in the modern world will lead to poor management and interpretation of data. Furthermore, it compromises the security of the infrastructure.

Safeguard your cloud infrastructure from ransomware, malware, and hacking threats. The data accumulated through your process is your asset, and keeping this data locked safe & sound is essential.

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Maintaining higher uptime & low downtime.


Every infrastructure requires to undergo maintenance so that all operations run smoothly. Lower downtime in maintenance will result in more work hours hence improving productivity. Having an archaic infrastructure or poor management will push the downtime higher.

Outworks Solutions has a team of professionals with proven expertise in cloud technology and management. We are a leading IT solutions provider for IT infrastructure and its management with a client base across the globe.


Better data management


In 2019 just before the lockdown, more than 32% of the manufacturers had their data backup management hindered. Imagine the amount of data was at risk for those companies. Improper data management will lead to lost opportunities.

Ordinarily, the data backup cycle is twice or thrice a month. A cloud implemented infrastructure will benefit you with instant backup as it is not on-premise.


Common features of Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing

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Cloud infrastructure provides convenience to its user. Cloud solutions for manufacturing also mitigate unnecessary and expensive hardware. A user can also select to pay based on their usage.




This is the ability to increase or decrease the usage of your IT resources. Scalability of the cloud assures ideal growth and stability using data center networks.

In cloud infrastructure, the data centers are not on-premise. These virtual machines assist to focus on your core business activities. This will furthermore contribute to saving costs on IT operations.

Horizontal & Vertical scaling are few types of scalability in the cloud. Autoscaling is also an option where the end-user can opt to automate their scaling to their demands.


Disaster Recovery


The cloud service provider takes the responsibility to back up your data in regular intervals. With efficient server management, the risk of data loss is minimized.

A user can choose cloud disaster recovery as a managed service to help with lower downtime and better protection of their data. This will also help you establish recovery points periodically.




All features of cloud computing work in synergy to benefit the user with the cloud’s affordability. Many companies across the globe have recognized the cost-saving benefits of cloud technology.

As said, the cloud also minimizes expenses on procuring hardware and other IT resources.


In India, the cloud industry has experienced a 15% rise in investment.



Cloud computing allows all users to work in collaboration. With more data transparency, users can access data with ease. This will help stakeholders to observe their operations exponentially. And the communication gap between facilities will significantly reduce.


Impact of Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing MSMEs & Small Business


MSMEs and small businesses employ the highest numbers of workers in India. And this makes this sector a larger bandwidth for development. In addition, small businesses and MSMEs cannot make the hefty investments to build their own IT infrastructure. Therefore, cloud computing becomes the best bet for this sector to enforce modern IT.


Productivity management


As manufacturers must maintain their product quality across all batches. In addition, it is equally important for them to endeavor this as fast as possible.

However, this can be achieved with a cloud-based application and cloud computing. Above all, cloud infrastructure will assure faster interaction between systems and more fluid operations.


Cloud-based marketing solutions


Many cloud service providers also provide cloud-based marketing solutions. This basically means, that you get access to a platform where you can strategize, design, and assign activities to your representatives.

In other words, you can create marketing campaigns, sales targets, and more. Moreover, creating teams virtually, hold meetings, observe performance, track target audiences, and showcasing reports are a few features of cloud-based marketing solutions.


Design a robust supply chain


Use cloud-based warehouse and fleet management systems to analyze activities virtually. Similarly, a user can manage the purchase and procurement of materials.

Planning and forecasting of demand-supply by the collection of data from the cloud. Furthermore, data can be accumulated from wholesalers, retailers, and consumers for detailed analytics.


Upgrade with customized Cloud ERP for Manufacturing


In other words, develop a customized Cloud ERP applications tailored to your business needs. Since this is not an on-premise infrastructure, it will enable you to lower your infrastructure costs. Therefore, all you need is the software and access to the internet.

Cloud ERP will empower you with data acquisition from all departments of your company. With such comprehensive analytics, business intelligence will improve with hidden insights and reports. In fact, you can also access real-time data. This is one of the most vital cloud solutions for manufacturing.


Collaborate for the best IT Infrastructure Solutions


Other than cost-effectiveness, delivering quality services does matter. And compromising with the deliverables may endanger your business goals. Above all, Outworks Solutions provides uninterrupted IT services for your manufacturing.

With a trusted client base we are leaders in IT Staffing, Consulting, and Managed Services. We have successfully delivered clouds solutions to various industries.