This is why testing is must for your software product

software testing must for software product

Software Testing can be defined as a process that is used to identify the level of correctness, security, quality and completeness of the software. The goal of a testing professional is to make sure that the product is stable and fulfill all the expectations. The testing of software also makes sure that the product is doing what it is supposed to do and certainly not doing what it is not.

Many first-time entrepreneurs or business owners with limited expose to IT environment unfortunately underestimate power of testing. But the lack of proper software testing can lead to disaster.

Imagine an entrepreneur built the greatest app ever; the app solves the most important problem of human life. It has an amazing UI and UX, the marketing team worked hard to promote the product. But the business owner overlooked the need of software testing.

Once the app is in the market, it came to notice that the app is not working properly on a lot of devices. These devices are being used by a large chunk of targeted users. That is not all, the app function very slow on many of the smartphones. And on a few smartphones a lot of its features are not supported. This will result in first bad impression with the customers and a lot of measures needs to be taken. Even after that, you cannot get the same loyalty back from your customers. Not to forget the burning of the marketing budget, this actually resulted in dissatisfied customer base.

To avoid these kinds of problems while launching new software, the best strategy is to test the entire major scenarios. The next question is how much is enough of testing? Well, the answer is quite simple; do test the product enough to make sure that the brand will not get affected. Now is it possible to do testing internally? Well it is but the question is it is advisable to do testing by the internal team? The answer to this is no, the best way is to look for a software testing company. The software testing companies do have a set of cases which they test and they are the economical option for your software testing as well.

Here is a process that we at OutworX follow when testing software, this is our usual approach:

Step 1 Test planning for software testing:

All the software are different and so the testing approach has to be personalized. We prepare a plan of testing for each and every software. We keep the Business Layer, Software Architecture and User Cycle in mind while doing so.

Step 2 Write a Test Case:

We write a test case which is a step-by-step procedure of the user stories, requirements, and software design criteria.

Step 3 System Testing:

This test ensure that the stand-alone software is fit to do what it is meant to, independent of the other variables.

Step 4 Integration Testing:

Once the system is working fine in the standalone environment we test whether the software is working fine with external interfaces or not. This test assures that the external integration is not affecting the performance of the software adversely.

Step 5 Performance Testing:

This testing is done to see how the software and its external interface works when the software is being used by multiple users or if multiple users are logged in.

Step 6 Regression Testing:

This testing is done to make sure that if in future any update is added to the software the existing features work well. People often overlook this testing but we at OutworX make sure that your software function well not just now but even after updates in future.

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