How to choose the right HR Outsourcing Partner

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11 Best Practices of Mobile App Development

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Introduction to OpenStack Swift Object Storage

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Summary of the Twelve PCI DSS Requirements

Let’s suppose that you need to handle credit card data in your computing environment.  Let’s suppose further than you can’t use something like Point-To-Point encryption to vastly reduce your PCI scope.  The PCI DSS standard defines twelve high level requirements Read More

Widows Azure Pack/Swift Integration

Windows Azure Pack (WAP) is Microsoft’s private cloud offering.  It offers a subset of the features found in Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud.  What makes WAP nice for the user is that the portal and APIs are the same in both … Read More

Seven Lessons Learned from PCI

OutworX became a PCI-capable development organisation quite some time ago.  Those who have trod the road to PCI compliance know that it is not an easy task.  Here are some reflections on lessons we learned along the way, these will … Read More