Looking to run OpenStack on Azure? The wait’s over!

Would Microsoft Azure service ever become an OpenStack cloud? As reported by Jeffrey Schwartz in Redmond Magazine , “that looks unlikely anytime soon based on statements by company [Microsoft] officials..”. Whether Microsoft will support OpenStack, he concludes, is not a decision that seems imminent.

Given the news from VMworld this week, where VMware announced support for OpenStack, and the move towards adoption of OpenStack by other major cloud providers like IBM SoftLayer, it’s a matter of time before Microsoft jumps into the fray. Question is, which approach are they likely to take?  i.e. will they go the VMware route and provide integration to OpenStack or adopt it completely like HP has done and SoftLayer seems to be doing.

Whether we like it or not, OpenStack is here to stay. Enterprises are adopting it en masse for their private cloud buildouts. Public clouds like Azure need to be ready when these enterprises want to create a hybrid environment.

While Microsoft is pondering over their approach towards OpenStack, Azure developers can start experimenting with OpenStack right now. Available on VMDepot, DevStack is a pre-configured, ready to launch image for running OpenStack in an Azure cloud. Whether you want to work on demos or proof of concepts, DevStack can be used to test changes and verify whether they work in an OpenStack environment.

Author: admin