Online Business – how to start when you are not ready to

how to start online business

Starting an online business can sometime be intimidating. No matter how easy sometimes you read online or hear people talking it is to start an online business, building it takes a lot of time, efforts, money and sometimes mental stability. Even for a seasoned business veteran with multiple businesses under belt, getting started is always hard.

So what to do when you know that you want to start an online business but not actually ready to start yet?

There are some things which you need to start doing towards a successful online business even if you are not ready to start the business yet. These steps will help you understand your market, it will give you a way to understand your target well and at the same time will also help you plan your product.

Here is all you need to do:

Product to Market fit: The better the match between product and the group of people, the more is the chances of getting successful. This fitment of product to market is called product/market fit and finding it is the most important part of business plan in order to be successful. If you like a product or have good knowledge of it try to find the market for it, see if the fit is good for a business or not if not change the product a bit and try to make a good fit with the market. Invest some time in understanding the product and the right market, once you have confidence on your product and the market of your choice move to next step.

Build an Audience: You may not be ready with your product and the budget to market yet, but building the audience around it can start right away. Try to build the niche around your product and understand likes and dislikes of your target audience. If you can’t find solid niche create groups, community of people with common interest. This will help you generate awareness about your product to the future buyers and brand ambassadors.

Here is how you can build an audience: The only way to generate an audience is by providing some kind of value to the mass, this can be done by delivering interesting content to the audience which is otherwise called as content curator. To be able to post or share these content you will need at-least one of these channels:

  • Start a blog
  • Start a Podcast
  • Start an Email Newsletter
  • Start social media accounts or groups
  • Start a Slack channel

The best way to get started is by having your own online identity, if you start by any social media channel the fact that they can change the rules at any time and all your efforts might go wasted is very high, and moreover the ecommerce website development programs of a lot of companies like OutworX are easy on pocket and gives you a detailed website with easy control so that you can have end to end control on your web content.

Here is how your website will help you capture email IDs of your audience:

  1. Select the niche you want to work in
  2. Create a landing page on your website
  3. Capture emails on this landing page
  4. Curate and deliver the relevant content

Creating a website or landing page initially can be a hard task to do and that is where our website development services comes handy, we deliver good looking website with all the functionality at a very low cost. Once you have a website and landing pages here is how you need to move ahead:

Market and Grow Your List: Now is the time to market your website and landing page in order to improve the email list with relevant contact details, here is a few channels which you can try:

  • Social media broadcasting: Share the blogs or curate content on social media which will get you lots of relevant traffic for free.
  • Share consistently: If you can only write one blog in a week, fair but make sure that the one blog comes every other week.
  • Lookout for the places where niche hangout: You need to identify the channels on which your niche target audience hangout and share the content on these channels.
  • Paid if you are comfortable: If you are comfortable go paid to promote your content, Facebook Ads can get you lots of traffic at a very low rate.

Remember the goal of all these steps is to generate contact list, to generate an audience group before launching your product or service and if followed properly it can give you a lot of contact details and make your business successful. If you need any technical assistance in your journey to be a successful entrepreneur, if you need a mobile app developed or a dedicated software for your business or even if you have an idea of software which you believe can make you a star don’t please share the details with us, if you need a website for your soon to be launched business or the one that you have been doing for some time now contact us. Our team of expert developers will make sure that you have a great online face to sell your product or services. Contact OutworX for more details.

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