OutworX readiness for Agile : Part III

As more and more software developers and managers are struggling to improve their delivery capabilities, OutworX has steadily but surely started moving towards Agile Development as a means to deliver high quality solutions in shorter time span and with ever-shrinking budgets.
Truly, transition to Agile is not an easy task. We are ensuring how to make the move without breaking anything. We at OutworX are taking every move scrupulously and diligently.

We understand that Agile development is a substantially different method of developing software, which heavily relies upon speed, smooth and frequent communication, and a desire to provide the customer with a completed solution in a shorter time line. That’s why we have, firstly, started asking our team members if they are ready for the transition. At this stage, we are looking into the possible roadblocks, and the way to remove them, and also comparing it with our old method.

Secondly, we are not in a hurry. We let the learning evolve iteratively, which means we try to learn something out of everything. This learning process doesn’t require us to be an expert, and we mainly focus towards doing a single thing and doing it completely, making it a complete software solution in itself.

We in OutworX do understand that transition is not so easy, and every transition is bound to face opposition from within and own team members, which is also a sign of solid democratic structure where people come out with their apprehensions. Keeping in mind their apprehension, we are educating them and taking time to dispel the myths about the agile development, as we’ll work with them in the future.

In this regard, we are also telling our team members the risks of not going agile. We give reference of those companies which have excelled and outsmarted their competitors by adopting agile development process.

At OutworX, the one good aspect is that most of stake-holders in our organization have shown enthusiasm towards implementing agile software development, but we are taking into confidence even the small stake holders, and help them understand that switching over to agile methodology is a matter of our survival in the outsourced product development market. Moreover, all need to understand and assimilate the process in order to get it executed fruitfully. We are making every effort to change the mindset of our team members and customers as well regarding the software delivery process.

We understand that adaptation to new methodology will take time, and gradually everything will fall into place. And to learn from all our mistakes in the early days of agile methodology, we are going to document the progress carefully so that we can have true assessment about when and where we went wrong.

In today’s fast paced IT-driven economy, if we want to be successful in software, we need to learn fast from our mistakes. What we need to understand here during the transition to the agile development process, it is better to fail or commit mistakes fast, so that the process of learning should be fast-paced, and eventually we’ll be able to speed up software development process.

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